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Boogie Board Buddy (Turtle)
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Boogie Board Buddy (Turtle)
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Boogie Board Buddy (Turtle)
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Boogie Board Buddy (Turtle)
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Boogie Board Buddy (Turtle)
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Boogie Board Buddy (Turtle)

Boogie Board Buddy (Turtle)

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Catch a wave with these surfers and baby will have a blast in the bath! Hippo and turtle float and bob on their own boogie boards and squirt water, too. A Too Hot indicator helps to reassure you that the temperature of your babys bath water is comfortable. The indicator changes color to warn you if bath water is too hot (approximately 103°F).
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§ 225.00 ҷ 觵 3 鹢

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Recommended for ages Birth+
Approximate size: 3.5 x 3 x 2.25

Instructions for Use
Before placing baby in the bath tub, place Boogie Board Buddy in bath water. Allow Boogie Board Buddy to sit for one minute, then check the Too Hot indicator. If indicator has turned white, water is too hot for baby (approximately 103 degrees F). Allow water to cool or add cool water until Too Hot indicator returns to original blue color, indicating a safe bathing temperature. As an extra precaution, an adult should always place hand in bath water to test temperature before placing child in bath.

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